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Nantong Mengtai Garment Co.,Ltd
ADD:N0.188 South Of Yishou Road,Rucheng Town,Rugao City,Jiangsu,China

      Nantong Mengtai Garments Co.,Ltd located at Rugao city in Jiangsu Province . Having long been known as a longevity city, Rugao enjoys a superior geographical position.Accompanying with coastal highway,close to the exit and entrance of the highway, the city connects with the Yangtze River delta economic district directly through the Su Tong bridge.And also,the 204 National Highway passes through the city.In addition,there are seven flights every week from Nantong airport and Rugao airport.Our company is next to the exit of the YanTong highway.It takes only two hours to reach Shanghai,and water transport is convenient too.

      The company commits itself entirely to producing knitting suits,T-shirts,culture shirts, knitting sporting clothes and so on .Our headquarter located at N0.188 South Of Yishou Road,Rucheng Town,Rugao City, with a complete and scientific quality management system.Our integrity, strength and quality of products are all recognized. Welcome to our company for visiting and business negotiation,you can also come up with advices for us.We firmly believe “God rewards the diligent and integrity creates more commercial opportunities.”We do our best to satisfy our clients and establish a brand image regarding service as the most vital thing.Every product shows the classical design and fashion,advancing the culture of apparel and melting public feelings.

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